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Read about Jacob's latest project, "Veronica's Room" at the Greenbrier Valley Playhouse, State Professional Theatre of West Virginia!  CLICK ME!



Jacob's reviews for his sold-out Fringe show "Straight Faced Lies":

"excellent" - What'

"An all-around captivating cast. ...A highly quotable show whose dialogue you might find yourself incorporating into conversation for days, perhaps weeks, to come." -ChelseaNow

Find out more about "Straight Faced Lies" and working in the New York City Fringe Festival here:        Click Me!


Watch Jacob star in the Discovery ID Channel's Season 3 Finale of "My Dirty Little Secret"!

Reviews of  "Olympus Records" at the NYC Fringe Festival!

 "there were a few standout performances, most notably from Jacob Thompson (Ajax) and Scott Raymond Johnson (Philoctetes). Thompson as Ajax provides raspy, rugged vocals that are perfectly in tune with the spirit of 90s grunge rock and roll, causing some fists in the audience to raise in the air as they felt the grit of his songs. His bulging muscles and black eyeliner add to his believable bad boy mystique while complementing his deliberately egotistic persona."  By Star Bowenback /

"Jacob Thompson plays Ajax as a heavy metal rock demi-god, and I found him more plausible than some musicians who make a living being guitar heroes. Metal’s loss is the theatre’s gain." By Jeff Myhre / NY Theatre Guide